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Re: Hi.

--- Kelly Harding <kelly@linuxgrrls.org> escribió:
> hi,
> I stumbled across this list from reading a post on a
> newsgroup.
> Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself.
> I'm Kelly, live in the UK. Been using Linux for
> about 4 or 5 years off and 
> on now. I've been using Debian as my distro of
> choice for the last year or 
> so now, since getting fed up with Gentoo Linux on my
> (then) Dual P/pro 200 
> machine, I must of been mad then I think!
> Anyway, switched to Debian, and haven't looked back
> since :) use it as a 
> Server/Workstation/Desktop, running
> print/email/imap/ftp/http servers 
> amongst others on my home network. Makes life a lot
> easier I've found.

Hi! Welcome to the list :)

Sorry I didn't answer yesterday, I wasn't in the mood.
I'm not usually that rude.

> Erm, I think thats all.
> I did notice the recent thread thats going on about
> TS/TG people, and I'm 
> glad with the responce that all are welcome :) 

Thanks for your support. Really. :) I think the whole 
thing is fortunately clear and over now :)

> Thanks,
> Kelly


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