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Re: Ping/Hi/whatever...

Hi again,
I'm really sorry for the situation, I didn't wanna make you feel
uncomfortable in any way, I swear. It wasn't your fault, I guess It's just
the whole situation. I don't wanna keep talking about all this stuff if you
don't mind. It's just maybe that situations like this happen to me often,
sometimes more than once a day, both in real life and Internet, and
maybe I'm a bit oversensitive to them.
Please, do not leave :( I'm feeling terribly sorry about all of this, it wasn't your fault at all. I better go to sleep now, I guess.
Good night to everyone, night here at least.
PS: sorry for the hundred-char lines mails, as I'm writing from a webmail
system I hadn't noticed it. I'll try to break the sentences by hand when I
write from now on, I hope U might excuse me if I forget some time.

nicole <colby@wsu.edu> wrote:

I did not ask for an explanation, in fact I did not assume that you were
transexual based on your response to what Michelle said. I was, quite
honestly, thinking exactly the same thing that you said, but I assumed
that it was due to a language barrier that Michelle wasn't coming across
very clearly.

I don't really care if someone is male or female, born that way or
otherwise, on the mailing list. This list is about more than that.
Sometimes it is helpful background material to know where people are
coming from if you are describing an experience and trying to relate it to
others who may not be from the same background, but it is *NEVER*
something I would ask someone to share unless they felt absolutely
comfortable with it.

At this point, I am completely frustated by the fact that someone thinks
that I put them in the position where they have to justify themselves, to
the point that I almost think it better that *I* leave or never discuss
anything like this again, rather than risk a response like this again.


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