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I stumbled across this list from reading a post on a newsgroup.

Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself.

I'm Kelly, live in the UK. Been using Linux for about 4 or 5 years off and 
on now. I've been using Debian as my distro of choice for the last year or 
so now, since getting fed up with Gentoo Linux on my (then) Dual P/pro 200 
machine, I must of been mad then I think!

Anyway, switched to Debian, and haven't looked back since :) use it as a 
Server/Workstation/Desktop, running print/email/imap/ftp/http servers 
amongst others on my home network. Makes life a lot easier I've found.

Erm, I think thats all.

I did notice the recent thread thats going on about TS/TG people, and I'm 
glad with the responce that all are welcome :) 



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