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Re: Ping/Hi/whatever...

> I think what Michelle meant was: sometimes transsexual/transgendered
> people make women uncomfortable, and that may contribute to an
> off-balance
> in fewer women on the list than there would be otherwise.
> I'm not sure that it has really occurred to anyone > here, or if anyone
> really cares whether someone is "biologically" female or not, but that
> is
> how I read what she was trying to get across.
> -nicole

Ok, I didn't wanna talk about it, as it's my privacy, but seems I need to give explanations everywhere I go. I'll try to speak crystal clear:
I am a transexual girl. That means I'm a woman, even though I wasn't born in a girl's body. That doesn't makes an off-balance anywhere, as I'm as a woman as any other one, at least if mind and soul are what matters. Anyway I'm in medical treatment and I'll be totally a woman as soon as possible. It's hard enough for me to go all through this just to find this situation. I don't wanna make anyone uncomfortable, and I don't wanna anyone to make me unconfortable. I just joined this list because I feel I belong here, if that's not the case, please say. I have to fight in so many places for my rights that I'm obviously not wasting my spare time joining groups just to find the same situation.
Just to make things more clear, I've always considered myself a girl, since I was very little, I feel a woman, not a transexual, transexuality is a medical situation not an identity. I consider myself as a girl as much as you do. I'm in medical treatment to solve that problem, I do live as a woman, even at university, and I'm gonna go all through the process of surgery reassignment. It's not an internet thing.
I don't know why I need to give all these explanations everywhere I go, to be honest.


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