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Re: Women are more engaged

Quoting Patricia Jung (trish@trish.de):

> Let me put it this way: I'm always wondering how these young fathers (I
> know several of them) find time to engage in Open Source related
> projects to the extend they do, committing _a lot_ of their time, 
> besides their normal daytime jobs.

On my own side, the involvment indeed has grown up.....along with my
childs growing up also, so there's indeed no issue. And, well, even
during the years (which are not that far behind us) where the kids
needed parents to be not too far, we did share that part of the
work. Even more, my wife's work involved far more time away from home
than mine, really.

So, imho, *that* is maybe not the worst part. The most difficult point
is managing to keep some time to share when the other part of the
couple has no special personal interest for this part of your
activity. That happens, of course, and I think all geeks have to learn
living with someone which is not deeply interested in his/her geek
activities....even though both love each other.

I'm quite proud of me and my wife still being able to manage all this
but, believe me, this needs constant attention especially from the
geeky part of the couple..:-)

> I don't know any young mother who has a partner who does this for her. So
> please: Instead of having a bad conscience, spend more time with your
> children and housecare, giving your mate the opportunity to engage in
> Open Source projects to the same extend you do!

But, well, she does not want to.:-). Not really because she does not
understand Free Software and why I am involved in all this but rather
because all things related to computers are not in her personal field
of interest.

But, indeed, all young parents I know in the geek community (not that
much, for sure) are indeed quite good for sharing the
chldren/housecare stuff with their mate. And several who *were* very
active just lowered their involvment a lot because they became parents
and have chosen to change the way to share their free time.

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