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Re: Women are more engaged

On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 10:42:31AM +0200, Patricia Jung imparted:
> Let me put it this way: I'm always wondering how these young fathers (I
> know several of them) find time to engage in Open Source related
> projects to the extend they do, committing _a lot_ of their time, 
> besides their normal daytime jobs.
> Time their partners don't find -- obviously because they seem to spend
> it on childcare, family and household matters, thus giving him the
> opportunity to engage in "his" project.
> I don't know any young mother who has a partner who does this for her. So
> please: Instead of having a bad conscience, spend more time with your
> children and housecare, giving your mate the opportunity to engage in
> Open Source projects to the same extend you do!
> SCNR :)
> 	Patricia

I have five - aged one, three, nine 1/2, eleven 1/2, and eighteen. my
lovely geek (FreeBSD type) husband helps me enormously, and we equally work on
ITShare (donating Open Source recycled donated computers to low income
groups and communities and individuals), and generally working on my
Debian skills.....

It was his idea to buy me a nice shiny new laptop and let me have heaps
of fun (and adequate thinking time!!) configuring Debian on it:)))

I'm one of the lucky ones....;)

Romana Branden
ITShare SA Inc/ComputerbankSA 
ITShare SA gives away computer systems 
created from donated hardware and opensource software.

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