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hi all,

just heard about this list.  i'm all for visibility of women doing
geeky things, not least debian.  i'm working for a small tech startup
in Washington, DC, doing mostly programming, but trying to convert my
company to all things open-source (latest project: an internal jabber
server), and proselytize about the greatness of my OS (latest count:
six debianites out of 21 employees).  i've been doing the linux/debian
thing for about three and a half years now, and have never looked

glad to see this list has been started!  i'm now jealous that i missed
all the partying that seems to have gone down in brazil without me :)

as for logos, i like aspects of #2 and #7.  i like that the whole
debian swirl is incorporated in both, and the proximity of it in #2 to
the text.  but i agree with the poster who commented that maybe we'd
want to have the word "debian" be in more equal prominence to the word
"women".  also, i like that #7 fits into a nice rectangular bounding

rock on.


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