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Re: Women are more engaged

On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Romana Branden wrote:

> My husband and I had a geeky wedding this year - our vows included vi
> and bandwidth jokes, the bouqet was based around a wireless antenna, and
> the ceremony concluded with ':wq' (vi reference;)  )
> If only we'd timed it for linux conf in adelaide earlier this year....but
> oh well, one cant have everything, and april 1st was a brilliant date
> for a wedding....
Great.  I hope nobody insists if I foreward all these stories to my
wife to adjust my own behaviour a little bit more to normality by
showing here that others tend to diverge even more from that what
my wife calls "normal" than me. ;-)

Her first comment was: You are a part of a really strange community...

Kind regards


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