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Re: Women are more engaged

Hi Andreas,
Andreas Tille writes:
I just read about the existence of this list in DWN and think this is
the right list to ask for a really cute story Enrico Zini told me
at LinuxTag.  He told me that there was a woman in Brasil which is
in the NM queue and spend their honeymoon with her husband at debconf.

That wasn't me, however we have organised our wedding to be the weekend before LCA2005 (http://linux.conf.au) in April, in Canberra Australia <hide> That way lots of our software livre friends can come :) We'll even be having a big party the day before the conference, and after the wedding for all those who couldn't make the wedding can rock on with us :) To be honest I'd love a huge wedding but we can't afford it, so the party is a nice compromise ;) If anyone is coming to LCA2005, please join us :) Pia
Pia Smith
President of Linux Australia

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