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Re: Women are more engaged

On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 05:34:20PM +1000, pia@linux.org.au imparted:
> Hi Andreas, 
> That wasn't me, however we have organised our wedding to be the weekend 
> before LCA2005 (http://linux.conf.au) in April, in Canberra Australia 
> <hide> That way lots of our software livre friends can come :) We'll even 
> be having a big party the day before the conference, and after the wedding 
> for all those who couldn't make the wedding can rock on with us :) To be 
> honest I'd love a huge wedding but we can't afford it, so the party is a 
> nice compromise ;) 
> If anyone is coming to LCA2005, please join us :) 
> Pia 

My husband and I had a geeky wedding this year - our vows included vi
and bandwidth jokes, the bouqet was based around a wireless antenna, and
the ceremony concluded with ':wq' (vi reference;)  )

If only we'd timed it for linux conf in adelaide earlier this year....but
oh well, one cant have everything, and april 1st was a brilliant date
for a wedding....

Romana Branden
ITShare SA Inc/ComputerbankSA 
ITShare SA gives away computer systems 
created from donated hardware and opensource software.

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