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Re: Women are more engaged

On Thu, 8 Jul 2004 pia@linux.org.au wrote:

> That wasn't me, however we have organised our wedding to be the weekend
> before LCA2005 (http://linux.conf.au) in April, in Canberra Australia <hide>
Well, why hiding.  I'd love to visit Australia (and April is not the time
of my wedding ;-)).

> If anyone is coming to LCA2005, please join us :)
One reason more to apply for a talk and try to get funded. ;-))

... nd now the answer to Christian Perrier - I'm just not subscribed
and try to stay inside the thread ...

> I guess this is Margarita, but not completely sure. She was definitely
> spending her honeymoon at Debconf, but I'm unsure she's in the NM
> queue.
If not she should definitely join apply for it!

> on the other
> hand.....http://www.perrier.eu.org/gallery/Tourist-Day/abc is another
> view of hackers...:-)
At least without an open Laptop and so I can foreward the URL to my wife. ;-)

> I celebrate my, ahem, 19th honeymoon birthday....while flying to
> Brazil....ahem, alone....:-)
OK, I'll try again after 5 years. ;-)

> Let's say, Andreas, we arrange something for old married men at Debconf5...:-)
Welcome in the club of "Linux grandfathers" as my wife calls me and we should
definitely invite the "Hilliard-Clan".  Father and son are DDs (and the son
is even older than me ...).

It's always fun to notice that Debian is not only a technical but also
a social community.

Kind regards


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