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News: women.alioth.debian.org

So, good news: our Alioth project was approved today!

For anyone that would like to be a contributor to the website, please
sign up on http://alioth.debian.org for an account. After that, you will
need to let me know so that I can add you to the project. For
non-developers, your login name will be yourname-guest, so make sure
when you email me, you let me know what it is. I've already added
Michelle and Amaya to the project, so you two need not ping me. :)

We've hashed out a lot of the content already, so we'll need some people
to do some of it. I can do a basic design and setup tonight, but we
might need something more dynamic that will scale better later on. I
suspect a large percentage of the information will be fairly static, but
I'd like something "bloggy" for the first page so that we can make
announcements, but I don't want the rest of the website to be like that. 

Michelle, maybe you can help me with this (as well as the wml stuff!)

Anyway, as far as content goes, it would be great if some people would
volunteer to gather this kind of information:

 - I have several in mind already, but if someone could go gather more,
   that would be great. The ones I have so far are:
   I think having short write-ups about what these other websites are
   about would be nice, instead of just linking them blindly. In the
   appropriate cases, informing which country they're based in would be
   good as well.
 - Linking to other Debian resources will also be good, but I suspect we
   don't need to have someone gather those since they're all on one
   site. :)

Other docs:
 - This might be a more organic thing that grows over time. I volunteer
   to write the mission statement, since this project is partially my
   fault. If anyone has ideas for other docs pertaining to this project,
   feel free to submit them to me or the list.

 - Once things are up and running, how many people are interested in
   translating the content?

TODO list:
 - Does anyone want to keep track of this?

 - These could be interview style, or just biographies that someone
   writes about the members involved. I don't fancy myself a very
   creative writer, but if no one volunteers, I'd be happy to do this as

Technical stuff:
 - Anyone willing to contribute scripts or whatever that will help,
   please do so (or let us know what ideas you have).

Ok, this is all I can think of for now. If anyone needs more information
about Alioth, feel free to ask. :)

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