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Bug#217571: mediawiki packages

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Oliver Grawert wrote:

Feel free to send back any remark..
wow, thats nice !!

why is there no info on the ITP bug about them ?
I learned at DebConf one very important lesson:  The worst problem in
Debian is a social problem of a lack of communication.  This is just
one flavour of it. :)

i woldnt even have
started to package them if i knew about that ;) indeed its my biggest
interest (as the one of every ubuntu maintainer) not to move to far away
from debian and do the work twice ;)
This is what I guessed.  There is much paranoia about Ubuntu around just
because a lack of communication.  I tried to fix this by my "mass CC list"
and I hope we can settle down soon by a package in unstable.  Just tell me
if you are convinced that the package are fit for an upload.

we're also moving towards php5 for breezy so i can probably provide some
patches aginst them if debian does this move too in the future.
I have to admit that I can't comment on this PHP stuff because I do not
have the slightest experience with PHP.
My persinal and perhaps naive intention would be to get something working
in the first place and upgrade it later.  Feel free to ignore this opinion
of an outsider if you have stronger reasons to do it in an other way.

Thanks for your work on MediaWiki



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