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Bug#276057: mediawiki packages

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, [ISO-8859-1] Oliver Grawert wrote:

i made mediawiki package we'll use for ubuntu, since #276057 seems to have made very slow progress and i need the package in ubuntu (for edubuntu) before Aug 11th ...
Well, I used the packages of Duck at


without any problem.

feel free to grab them, they are (indeed) depending on ubuntu packages, if you got any questions feel also free to bug me :)

the packages can be found here:
On which Ubuntu packages it does depend actually?  I can only express my
personal opinion that it will finally save your time if you diverge from
Debian as less as possible and only where necessary.  We agreed to this
approach in a derivers BOF at Debconf in Helsinki last week.  So if I
where you I would try to find out which is really necessary and if the
packages of Duck would work for you.  My offer would be to sponsor the
MediaWiki packages for the time when Lolando has to heavy time constraints.
I know from own experience that they are working and thus I'm willing to

if you like to add me i'd also appreciate to become a member of this team (my alioth login is ogra-guest, i'm also in the utnubu team)
You are now a member.  PLease could all interested people send their
Alioth login to include them into the projcet.  I also would vote for
creating a pkg-mediawiki-devel mailing list on alioth to get rid of
this CC list and do not spam people with private mails.

Kind regards and thanks for your cooperation



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