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Bug#217571: mediawiki packages

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Romain Beauxis wrote:

Well, I used the packages of Duck at


without any problem.

feel free to grab them, they are (indeed) depending on ubuntu packages,
if you got any questions feel also free to bug me :)

the packages can be found here:

There are some updated packages available at

They are Duck's packages updated to last upstream release, with some important
changes and corrections about files location and configuration messages.

Feel free to send back any remark..
While I really like any enhancements whe have to think about our users.
It makes no sense to have kind of "random" URLs which provide "random"
enhancements to mediawiki packages.  I strongly voto for a quick move
of the mediawiki packages to the Debian mirror and close the ITP bug.

So how can we approach this?

   1. Move tha packaging stuff to alioth (Lolando, did you asked for
      the arch repository)?
   2. Find a decision when the package es ready for an upload.
      If you ask me I would go for an upload to unstable (hey - it
      the name has a sense - if there are some problems in it users
      should know the game).
   3. Coordinate further work on pkg-alioth-devel mailing list.
      (Lolando would you ask for it because you created the project
      or should I try to achieve this?)

Thanks for your work - I'll test it once I'm back from the Utrecht
conference I'm currently beeing at.

Kind regards



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