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Bug#276057: mediawiki packages

Andreas Tille (2005-07-25 16:54:08 +0200) :

> So how can we approach this?
>     1. Move tha packaging stuff to alioth (Lolando, did you asked for
>        the arch repository)?

I created the directory, but I didn't initialise it as an archive,
because I hesitate between tla and baz formats.  I think I'll go for
baz, barring objections.  I'll read some docs beforehand though.

>     2. Find a decision when the package es ready for an upload.
>        If you ask me I would go for an upload to unstable (hey - it
>        the name has a sense - if there are some problems in it users
>        should know the game).

  If we do that, I vote we create a bogus RC bug report, so that the
package doesn't enter etch yet: new packages may not have lots of
users, hence real problems can remain undiscovered for some time.

>     3. Coordinate further work on pkg-alioth-devel mailing list.
>        (Lolando would you ask for it because you created the project
>        or should I try to achieve this?)

  I requested pkg-mediawiki-devel, it should be created in at most an
hour.  I'll send you and duck the admin password as soon as I get it.

> Thanks for your work - I'll test it once I'm back from the Utrecht
> conference I'm currently beeing at.

  Have fun :-)

Roland Mas

Time is a drug.  Too much of it kills you.
  -- in Small Gods (Terry Pratchett)

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