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Bug#120691: viral@debian.org: RFP: crystal -- Free and portable 3d game development kit.]


Thanks for your remarks

Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   btw, on this topic, from /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/menu.txt.gz:
> 2.1. Preferred menu structure
> -----------------------------
>      Here is the authoritative list of Debian's menu structure.  Please
> do
>      not put your packages into any other sections without asking for
>      permission first!

There is in fact no Subsection corresponding to CrystalSpace
This is a Game Engine with demos that are not Games, except Blocks that
is Tetris-Like,
Can I use Section="Games" without subsection and hints? 
or should I ask for the creation of a Subsection like Game-Engine or
Demos ? 

>   Your packages use several sections like
> "Games/CrystalSpace Levels (software)" which, unsurprisingly, are not
> in the menu policy.
>   The menu policy forbids this, and the ()s also cause problems for the
> current sawfish menu method (although I hope that will be resolved soon,
> see bug #121322)
>   I suggest using hints if you want to collect CrystalSpace stuff in one
> place.
>   Daniel

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