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Bug#120691: [viral@debian.org: RFP: crystal -- Free and portable 3d game development kit.]

Hi Viral

I discussed some issues with Daniel Burrows, 
but I'have got some problems to know all needed libs
either for Build and Running and wonder if there are some fair tools in

I will move demo binaries in /usr/games as suggested

I discussed some issues with a developper and I think I should create
/usr/include/crystalspace and keep 

There is a config script that should allow to deal with this.

I think shlibs is not needed since .so generated are plugins for
crystalspace engine
like .so in apache. 

I ran bts retitle 120691 "ITP: crystal" 
as suggested by a debian devel to transform RFP in ITP

You don't need a 3d board to try the demos since the soft renderer don't
need this.
I have to deal with hardware based renderer, and should probably
separate this from the rest 
to have dependencies well done and not required if you run only soft

Suggestions and advices are welcome


Viral Shah wrote:
> > I am not yet, but will, when I will have more RTFM
> >
> > I'm not very familiar with all debian stuffs ITP and so on
> >
> > Feel free to upload my work.
> It'll be some time before it can be uploaded. I recieved comments on
> the package. There is no shlibs file, the dependencies seem to be messed
> and other small things. Shouldn't take too much time to fix up.
> > Should I send an ITP?
> Once the package is fixed. Let me take a look at it sometime.. I'll send
> you comments, and once done, I could upload it for you.
> Are you going through the NM process, or do you want to ?
> > I was not completly satisfied with the current version
> > I'm just uploading a new one
> > But will continue to improve :-)
> >
> > If you want to check what I did, feel free to send remarks,
> > congratulations, flames, etc
> In that case, let me know when you upload the latest version, and then
> I shall have a look at it and then send comments.
> Although, I was told by Daniel Burrows (WNPP cop) that you have put in
> quite some effort to package the whole thing so far, and its commendable.
> So lets iron out the few remaining chinks, and upload.
> My only problem is that I don't have a machine capable of trying out the
> stuff, so I can only comment on the packaging issues, but cannot test.
> viral
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> http://www.mayin.org/~gandalf
> I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

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