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Bug#120691: [viral@debian.org: RFP: crystal -- Free and portable 3d game development kit.]

> I discussed some issues with Daniel Burrows, 
> but I'have got some problems to know all needed libs
> either for Build and Running and wonder if there are some fair tools in
> dh_*

I thought debhelper figured out all the runtime library dependencies.
dh_shlibdeps ?

> I discussed some issues with a developper and I think I should create
> /usr/include/crystalspace and keep 
> /usr/lib/crystalspace/lib
> There is a config script that should allow to deal with this.

Along the lines of gtk-config ?
For large projects, this is indeed a good idea.

> I think shlibs is not needed since .so generated are plugins for
> crystalspace engine
> like .so in apache. 

Oh, ok. I thought they were libraries.

> I ran bts retitle 120691 "ITP: crystal" 
> as suggested by a debian devel to transform RFP in ITP

Cool !

> You don't need a 3d board to try the demos since the soft renderer don't
> need this.

But if  a 3d board is available, will crystal use hardware accel ?



I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

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