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Re: Ballot option 2 - Merely hide Identities of Developers Casting a Particular Vote and allow verification

>>>>> "Russ" == Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

    Russ> I completely agree with separating *unrelated* changes, but
    Russ> the whole point of this discussion is that some folks believe
    Russ> the changes are closely related, to the extent that one of the
    Russ> changes may not be desirable unless the other one is made at
    Russ> the same time.

Russ and I have studied the same Debian history herey, so it is
unsurprising we have come to the same conclusion on this.
The above is a good summary of my position.

As I explained to Martin, I'd be very open to an amendment to my ballot
option to better explain why these changes might be related.
I tried to do that in the existing rationale.

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