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Re: Informal Discussion: Identities of Voters Casting a Particular Ballot are No Longer Public

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL dijo [Mon, Feb 14, 2022 at 12:20:31PM +0100]:
> > > I don't actually care if our votes are readable by the general public,
> > > so would one way of addressing the concerns of attracting abuse would be
> > > to make the tally sheet only available to DDs behind authentication?
> > 
> > I very much agree with the above.
> I don't. When I remember how the debates were stressful and painful, and
> with harasment to persons (I mean during the GR debate), I think some GHRs
> require secret votes. Neither I care other DDs to see my votes when it
> affects Debian (DPL, internal GRs, etc), or a technical debate, issue. But
> from the time Debian starts addressing non-technical topics, I want my vote
> to be secret.
> For reminde, even once the vote was started, pressures went on to influence
> vote. So...

While the vote itself could be secret, if you are affected or deeply
invovled with your issue in question, your participation in the
discussions leading to the vote would be public. I think there would
not be too much practical difference to a person willing to learn your

I do agree, as I said on my previous post, that sometimes votes should
be secret due to their significance outside a purely technical
realm. Vote 2021-002 is a clear example of this. We should IMO pursue
having the possibility to request (and not make it too easy -- but I
think setting a minimum number of requesters could be enough, as I
said on my previous post) for a vote to be made secret, but default on
having it open.

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