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Re: Informal Discussion: Identities of Voters Casting a Particular Ballot are No Longer Public

Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> writes:

> Rationale
> =========
> During the vote for GR_2021_002o, several developers said they were
> uncomfortable voting because under the process at that time, their name
> and ballot ranking would be public.

I know that was said in the discussion at the time, but I wonder to what
extent people either subsequently received any abuse about it, or
modified their voting behaviour in response to that fear.

Do we have any evidence that either thing happened?

Also, it seems to me that the problem we're considering is that toxic
people who are not really interested in Debian at all, might stumble
across Debian voting results, and then use what they find as a reason to
persecute some of us on-line.  Is that about right?

I have used the results of votes in the past to start conversations with
people that I disagree with in some issue in order to better understand
how they came to the other view. One can generally find someone on the
other side of the argument who you already know and respect, which makes
it much harder to dismiss them as an idiot. I'd miss that in a properly
secret ballot.

I don't actually care if our votes are readable by the general public,
so would one way of addressing the concerns of attracting abuse would be
to make the tally sheet only available to DDs behind authentication?

Cheers, Phil.
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