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Re: Willingness to share a position statement?


On 26.03.21 23:12, Gerardo Ballabio wrote:
Ulrike Uhlig wrote:
That said, let's escalate your example a bit

"Escalate a bit" is quite an understatement, as you turned it into an
example of criminal behavior.

I'm just showing you the limits of what you call "free speech" :)

I think it's important to understand that there is not always a right/wrong dichotomy nor an objective reality when human relations are concerned.

In fact, two people/parties/groups may negotiate anything between themselves, according to their own values, which might be different from another two parties faced with the same or with a similar issue. They may end up with a very different agreements, even if they started from the same problem.

The important part to remember is to make it possible to negotiate interactions. And this is the part that you forget all the time in your argumentation. You may say what you want and I may say: stop! This does not necessarily mean that *I* have to leave, it can also mean that you need to stop, or that we have to enter a dialogue in which we establish together what is acceptable, and what isn't, and under which circumstances.

Which makes it irrelevant to the subject
of this discussion, i.e., whether people can be discriminated for
expressing their opinions without violating any laws.

The rest of your message is basically a repetition of the concept that
if people do bad things, they should face consequences, which I agree
100% with. Where we seem to disagree, instead, is whether exercising
the right to free speech is a bad thing.

See above.


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