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Re: "rms-open-letter" choice 3: do not, as the project itself, sign any letter regarding rms

Hallo Jonas,

26.03.21 20:42 Jonas Smedegaard:
> Quoting Calum McConnell (2021-03-26 20:14:50)
> > > Any individual (including Debian members) wishing to (co-)sign any
> > > of the open letters in question is invited to do this in person.
> > 
> > "In person" is a bit unclear, given our times: can I sign it online?
> > How about just adding my name?
> > 
> > I propose switching it to:
> > > Any individual (including Debian members) wishing to (co-)sign any
> > > of the open letters on this subject is strongly encouraged to do so.
> > 
> > It also handles the fact that the open letters aren't really 'in
> > question', since there aren't any accepted amendments that mention
> > them. I also switched out "invite", because I feel that 'invite'
> > implies the ability to UN-invite (ie, block from signing), which is
> > not one that we possess.
> I was assuming that "in person" meant "individually", but I can see how
> it can instead mean "by showing up physically" which makes little sense
> in the context.
> Replacing "in person" with either "personally" or "individually" or "on
> their own" would in my opinion convey the same intended message as is my
> understanding (as a non-native english speaker) is the message now, and
> I would second proposal with such change.
> Removing "in person" would however loose what in my understanding is the
> central point of the message and making the central point implicit,
> causing it to risk becoming ambiguous (although I cannot think up right
> now how any examples of how other meanings could be read into it).  I
> would hesitate seconding a proposal with the phrase removed.
> Replacing "invited to do this in person" with "strongly encouraged to do
> so" would in my opinion radically change the message from an unbiased
> "Debian does not recommend if you should personally support a petition
> or not" to a biased "Debian recommends that you personally support a
> petition".  I would *not* second such changed proposal.

I took "in a personal capacity" from Gunnar.

> Replacing "in question" with "on this subject" seems to me to not change
> to meaning of the message.  I would second a proposed text with that
> change.

That's better actually, because it is not restricted to statements mentioned 
in the vote.

Updated text:
The Debian Project will not issue a public statement on whether Richard
Stallman should be removed from leadership positions or not.

Any individual (including Debian members) wishing to (co-)sign any of the open 
letters on this subject is invited to do this in a personal capacity.

An alternative would be removing the last sentence all together, how do you 
think about that?


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