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Re: Re: "rms-open-letter" choice 3: do not, as the project itself, sign any letter regarding rms

Quoting Calum McConnell (2021-03-26 20:14:50)
> > Any individual (including Debian members) wishing to (co-)sign any 
> > of the open letters in question is invited to do this in person.
> "In person" is a bit unclear, given our times: can I sign it online?  
> How about just adding my name?
> I propose switching it to:
> > Any individual (including Debian members) wishing to (co-)sign any 
> > of the open letters on this subject is strongly encouraged to do so.
> It also handles the fact that the open letters aren't really 'in 
> question', since there aren't any accepted amendments that mention 
> them. I also switched out "invite", because I feel that 'invite' 
> implies the ability to UN-invite (ie, block from signing), which is 
> not one that we possess.

I was assuming that "in person" meant "individually", but I can see how 
it can instead mean "by showing up physically" which makes little sense 
in the context.

Replacing "in person" with either "personally" or "individually" or "on 
their own" would in my opinion convey the same intended message as is my 
understanding (as a non-native english speaker) is the message now, and 
I would second proposal with such change.

Removing "in person" would however loose what in my understanding is the 
central point of the message and making the central point implicit, 
causing it to risk becoming ambiguous (although I cannot think up right 
now how any examples of how other meanings could be read into it).  I 
would hesitate seconding a proposal with the phrase removed.

Replacing "invited to do this in person" with "strongly encouraged to do 
so" would in my opinion radically change the message from an unbiased 
"Debian does not recommend if you should personally support a petition 
or not" to a biased "Debian recommends that you personally support a 
petition".  I would *not* second such changed proposal.

Replacing "in question" with "on this subject" seems to me to not change 
to meaning of the message.  I would second a proposed text with that 

 - Jonas

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