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Re: concern - proprietary software promotion in Debian

Hi Pasha

On 2021/03/26 20:29, Pasha wrote:
> I saw some people are sending github links to promote their cause.
> github is not a free software. It a proprietary service owned by a
> company.
> My question is depending on the side a developer choose he has the
> right not to use any proprietary software. right ?
> I saw in some forums discussin they are using discord beside github. (I
> am not 100% sure - because I did not check or read details.)
> If it is true, how is it possible people are using non-free software
> and proprietary communication to decide who should be in fsf board or
> not ?
> I feel the developers are supporting this cause are forced to signed up
> for proprietary software/service.
> Please, understand this email is about the software/service not the
> cause.
> I dont want to discuss about your personal opinion here.
> I would be happy to see Debian has some policy for discouraging
> proprietary software/service for other developers.
> I have full respect for all Debian developers regardless of their view.
> Thank you.

I agree that using GitHub for that was in poor taste. In Debian we rely
as far as possible on only free software, however, the letter you refer
to were set up by people outside of Debian so we didn't have any choice
in how they set that up.


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