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Debian RMS vote, outside perspectives

Hello Everyone,

On occasion we in Press receive emails from users that we interact with,
mostly just a thank you that we can pass on or a comment about
something. Recently, -off press, I have been corresponding with a few
users and developers who have asked what Debian's stance was regarding
the rumor Debian was about to issue a statement on the RMS situation.

My response to inquires being, "At this particular time Debian has no
commentary on the issue. Some individual Debian Developers have made
clear their position, and there is ongoing discussion on the debian-vote
mailing list which would start the procedure for a non technical
statement as put forth in our constitution".

Since then I've received a bit more correspondence from users and have
had a few conversations with people, outside the wire if you will, on
this topic and I've asked them if I could share their thoughts and
feelings with this list to give some outside or additional perspective.

As this list is public, many do not want to share their attributed input
as they feel that they lack standing or do not wish to be publicly
involved. So with some quotes and summary:

"I love Debian for not being overly political while being self aware
enough to challenge diversity."

"If Debian really thought that in the current debate that there were
technically issues, or some how its freedom to develop were under
threat, then fair enough, get involved as an organisation in this issue.
But if not, perhaps it is an unnecessary diversion ..."

"… yet another diversion tactic employed by outside factors that engage
nothing but fracturization toward a goal, I wonder which closed source
system is really behind this $upport for this outrage."

"This is pretty petty, isn't Debian already living in a glass house?"

"I guess where I'm coming from is that I like the idea that part of what
made free software development great was that coders didn't get diverted
by political issues (unless some tangible narrower political aspect
threatened direct developer interest) [1]."

"This doesn't affect quality or bullseye right?"

[1] Gabrielle Coleman, Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of
Hacking, p. 22, 42


Be well,

⣾⠁⢠⠒⠀⣿⡁ Donald Norwood
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