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concern - proprietary software promotion in Debian


I saw some people are sending github links to promote their cause.

github is not a free software. It a proprietary service owned by a

My question is depending on the side a developer choose he has the
right not to use any proprietary software. right ?

I saw in some forums discussin they are using discord beside github. (I
am not 100% sure - because I did not check or read details.)

If it is true, how is it possible people are using non-free software
and proprietary communication to decide who should be in fsf board or
not ?

I feel the developers are supporting this cause are forced to signed up
for proprietary software/service.

Please, understand this email is about the software/service not the
I dont want to discuss about your personal opinion here.

I would be happy to see Debian has some policy for discouraging
proprietary software/service for other developers.

I have full respect for all Debian developers regardless of their view.
Thank you.


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