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Re: Having a "DPL committee"?

Le lundi 22 mars 2021 à 19:30:35+0200, Jonathan Carter a écrit :
> On 2021/03/19 21:01, Pierre-Elliott Bécue wrote:
> > The idea was discussed two years ago. Sam chose a range of people to
> > help him with delegations.
> It's come up a few times in past platforms and discussions on -vote too!
> > Being a DPL is a high-energy thing even when one doesn't try to "lead"
> > the project /per se/.
> > 
> > Do you think the Project should consider the opportunity of trying to
> > establish more clearly a role of "DPL advisors" who would be identified
> > as helpers for the DPL and additional entry points for the
> > developers/external people should the need arise?
> Perhaps a lesser known fact, but the current DPL has access to a channel
> where they can contact previous DPLs for some quick advice. I've found
> that quite useful in situations where I needed some quick feedback.

Now you made me curious. :>

> For the rest, I think delegations work great. I think in general, when
> DPLs do their job right, then future DPL terms will get gradually
> easier. I certainly stand on the shoulders of giants and I've definitely
> appreciated some of the earlier work done. Teams like the Trademark Team
> and the Community Team catches many mails and issues that the DPL
> would've usually had to respond to. My strategy would probably be to
> bolster the existing delegation framework instead of setting up a
> committee. I'm not completely against a committee per sé either, but I
> also think that a single person who can make quick decisions when
> necessary works quite well.

I would not think to a Committee/Advisory board as something which
should prevent the DPL from taking quick decisions but rather a bunch of
people the DPL trusts to either give them some tasks to accomplish or be
an entry point.

That being said, I acknowledge your point that a DPL coming after people
having already simmplified the procedures will cope in a better way

> One area where I've felt that it falls short is that it's not fun when I
> got busy or would take a holiday. It would be nice if we usually had a
> vice-DPL of sorts that could be a backup and could take care of things
> when the DPL can't (for whatever reasons). That's something I'd like to
> consider if running for another term.

I wonder in that case if such a person sould be either:

1. Nominated by the DPL
2. Co-elected (ie voting for a couple of people)
3. Elected separately on the same time frame (but that could lead to
issues if the DPL and vice-DPL fail to get along together)

Thanks for your reply!

Pierre-Elliott Bécue
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