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Re: Having a "DPL committee"?

On 2021/03/19 21:01, Pierre-Elliott Bécue wrote:
> The idea was discussed two years ago. Sam chose a range of people to
> help him with delegations.

It's come up a few times in past platforms and discussions on -vote too!

> Being a DPL is a high-energy thing even when one doesn't try to "lead"
> the project /per se/.
> Do you think the Project should consider the opportunity of trying to
> establish more clearly a role of "DPL advisors" who would be identified
> as helpers for the DPL and additional entry points for the
> developers/external people should the need arise?

Perhaps a lesser known fact, but the current DPL has access to a channel
where they can contact previous DPLs for some quick advice. I've found
that quite useful in situations where I needed some quick feedback.

For the rest, I think delegations work great. I think in general, when
DPLs do their job right, then future DPL terms will get gradually
easier. I certainly stand on the shoulders of giants and I've definitely
appreciated some of the earlier work done. Teams like the Trademark Team
and the Community Team catches many mails and issues that the DPL
would've usually had to respond to. My strategy would probably be to
bolster the existing delegation framework instead of setting up a
committee. I'm not completely against a committee per sé either, but I
also think that a single person who can make quick decisions when
necessary works quite well.

One area where I've felt that it falls short is that it's not fun when I
got busy or would take a holiday. It would be nice if we usually had a
vice-DPL of sorts that could be a backup and could take care of things
when the DPL can't (for whatever reasons). That's something I'd like to
consider if running for another term.


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