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Re: Perhaps we should start addressing shortcomings in our eco-system (Was: Re: What changes do you want in Debian?)

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 06:19:26PM +0200, Jonathan Carter wrote:
> But I digress, if we really want to be bold and show leadership, not
> only from the DPL but form the project, we should go a step further and
> make the Debian project not only a project to release and support a free
> software operating system, but also to be a proper leader in the free
> software movement and work on the issues in our eco-system that
> apparently no one else cares about and it should be part of our core
> identity.
> This itch has always been there for me, and I imagine other Debianites
> as well. But to move something like this forward in the project needs
> the support of our members instead of just finding every possible flaw
> at every opportunity. So I can't help wondering, does that kind of
> support exist within our community? Is it possible for us to get
> together to make large, important changes?
I feel like before Debian is able "to be a proper leader in the free
software movement" etc., it should solve at least some of its biggest
internal problems. One of those problems is being unable "to make large,
important changes", but I can also name installation images not usable for
a majority of average users, barriers for would-be maintainers, lack of
unified packaging workflows... you know, the usual stuff.


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