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Re: How can we make Debian packaging more standardised?

On 22.03.21 19:41, Paride Legovini wrote:
> Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote on 19/03/2021:
> https://michael.stapelberg.ch/posts/2019-03-10-debian-winding-down/
> I think that the lack of standardization and the fragmented
> infrastructure is in good part the root of most of the problems he
> outlined, as the "old infrastructure" ones are made difficult to fix by
> the fact that Debian notoriously supports infinite workflows, which
> makes introducing wide-scope changes very challenging.

It's not that long ago that we supported 6(?) different SCMs, and
probably as many build helper tools. A good share of all the bugs I have
reported where submitted without further analysis or solutions, simply
because doing so involved learning some fringe build tool.

The (1) adoption of debhelper by my most packages and (2) the move to
Salsa have been an absolute blessing. They have made contributing to
other packages so much easier.

I hope we continue further down this path.

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