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Re: How can we make Debian packaging more standardised?


Jonathan Carter wrote:
One of the reasons I like team-maintained packages is teams often have a
single packaging standard. Sadly, each team has their own way of doing
things and working in multiple teams means working with multiple

If you were elected as DPL, what would you do about this? Sam Hartman
tried to lead discussions on using git, but sadly it seems it didn't
yield anything tangible.

I consider this an item still on the collective project's todo list to
figure out. I've received plenty of e-mails to the DPL alias regarding
git workflows, but there has just been too many high priority things to
take care of this term and sadly this just hasn't made the cut in terms
of my DPL load. This is one of those issues which could be delegated but
then again, it's also a discussion that's already open for anyone to
drive, so that would be kind of redundant?

I have a followup question mainly to Jonathan, but would love to hear Sruthi's perspective as well:

I can imagine that the day-to-day tasks in a DPL term already mean a huge workload. Still, I have to admit that (as someone who follows the major Debian lists) I got the impression that you weren't particularely "visible" in the project during the last year. In particular, I missed the regular "Bits of the DPL" updates, which in the past helped a lot to get a better understanding of what a DPL does under the hood.

I really wonder whether better distribution of the DPL tasks - e.g. with the help of a DPL team or delegated board - would help to get more "visible" tasks done. Given that you already denied such an idea in another thread on this list, I wonder if there's not a contradiction: One one hand you admit that important tasks don't get done due to lack of time, on the other hand you don't want to distribute the workload.

Pollo's example is a good one: a standardised/recommended way of Debian packaging would definitely be a huge win for the project and significantly lower the entry barrier for newcomers. The past has shown that this discussion requires someone to lead it and Sam drove if forward significantly during his term. So why not find people who would help you with getting this task done?

Why not have an officially delegated Debian Project Board that meets once a week (or every two weeks) and discusses and tackles painpoints in the project at large?

Kind regards

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