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Re: How to leverage money to accomplish high impact Debian projects

Hi Phil,

On Thu, 18 Mar 2021, Philip Hands wrote:
> I've been pondering how it might be possible to spend more of Debian's
> money, and it occurred to me that we could allocate a budget to each DD
> which they could spend on pretty-much anything (as long as, for Debian
> funds, the expenditure is allowed under the relevant non-profit
> restrictions that apply to the funds that we hold -- you could apply
> your own criteria of course).
> That way you get to take advantage of the wisdom of the crowd, since
> people in various areas of Debian are bound to know about things that
> have been left undone for years or decades, that some targeted funding
> would almost certainly sort out once and for all.

I really like your idea! I wonder if there would be some infrastructure
that would make it easy to describe projects and track how much money
has been allocated by the various DD.

I stumbled recently on opencollective.org which provides some nice tools
to maintain budgets in a transparent manner while working with a fiscal
sponsor to handle the administrative side.

But AFAIK it has nothing to help decide how to spend the money.

But if we find something usable, we could have a volunteer in charge of
entering the "votes" of the DD by adjusting a Debian pledge in a open
system (and have some associated ledger where the DD allocations are

It could be even be open to external donors to help reach the monetary
goal on a specific project.

> Encouraging people to pool their budgets to fund bigger things would
> hopefully result in them forming teams of mentors to oversee the work.


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