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Re: What changes do you want in Debian?

On 19/03/21 2:43 pm, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Dear Debian DPL candidates,
> when I look back at my old platforms[1][2]3] I can already see a trend
> where we move from "concrete changes that we want to see in Debian" to
> "some vague idea of how we want to run the project" but this trend seems
> to have continued and amplified to the point that this year none of the
> platforms speak of any change that would affect something in how we build
> our operating system or how we collaborate together or of how we
> envision our role in the free software ecosystem!
> All the topics are around Debian (how we recruit, how we handle the
> money) but I see no desire to lead Debian in any direction and I find this
> particularly sad. The election time used to be a very active period where
> we would confront our ideas for the future, but this has fallen short
> as can be witnessed from the low-activity right now in debian-vote
> and as can be seen by the small number of candidates.
> We're at the point where we congratulate ourselves because someone stepped
> up to be DPL and we're happy that the process has not yet stopped working
> entirely.
> With that said, there could be many questions to be asked but I will
> concentrate on three:
> 1/ Why have you all given up on the idea to lead Debian? It seems
>    to me that you are happy with the DPL being a super-intendant
>    and nothing more.

Even when the name of the position says Leader, I believe DPL should not
be a leader in the literal sense. DPL definitely takes decisions and
takes stands on behalf of Debian, but still DPL should always be a
reflection of the Debian community as a whole. I see position of DPL
more as a face of Debian rather than a person who brings about revolution.

> 2/ What changes would you like to see happen in Debian? Say
>    your top 3 (or 5 if you are motivated) things that you would change if
>    you could do them with some magic.

I will list out some key changes I would do if I got magic powers ;)

* Make Debian diverse.

* No flame wars: Constructive discussions does not need to escalate to
flame wars. The amount of time and energy wasted in these flame wars can
do wonders for the project.

* Make more people passionate about Debian and start contributing.

You might observe that all my changes are social/community changes and
none are technical. That is because I believe DPL should be the person
dealing with the social/community aspects of Debian and technical
aspects should be taken care by Debian as a whole.

> 3/ There seems to be some consensus that we should be better at embracing
>    changes. But what can we do to be better at this?
More discussions. I know we already did and do a lot of discussions. But
when I mean discussions, I mean discussions that lead to conclusion.
Each and every person will have some or the other suggestion for change.
My approach would be to divide things into different areas and collect
proposals for process improvement from the community. We can discuss and
reach conclusions. I know I will not be able to address every aspect
with this approach. So I would enlist help from a few interested people
to work with me.
> Cheers,
> [1] https://www.debian.org/vote/2002/platforms/raphael
> [2] https://www.debian.org/vote/2007/platforms/hertzog
> [3] https://www.debian.org/vote/2008/platforms/hertzog

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