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Re: Question to Brian: Why do you need to be DPL to set up foundations?

On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 02:10:00PM +0100, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 11:47 PM Brian Gupta <brian.gupta@brandorr.com>
> wrote:
> > On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 7:45 AM Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> wrote:
> > > On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 09:41:33AM +0100, Enrico Zini wrote:
> > > >As an example of a voting options that I am considering ad that does not
> > > >fit with your proposals above, I would very likely vote for you above
> > > >NOTA for a pure DPL election, and I would very likely vote in favour of
> > > >a GR option to create a Debian Foundation. I would however rank you
> > > >below NOTA if you insisted in conflating the two, as I cannot endorse
> > > >what I see as a misuse of our voting system. You would however
> > > >incorrectly interpret my vote as a vote against the idea of a Debian
> > > >Foundation, underestimating support for something you care about.
> > >
> > > I hate to just say "me too" on a thread like this, but Enrico has
> > > totally captured my thinking here.
> > >
> > > "Me too".
> >
> I'll add my "Me too" here as well. I think I'm in favour of the Debian
> Foundation (although I'd like to be more informed about this). But I'm
> definitely NOT in favor of co-opting the DPL election to vote for it,
> because you dislike GRs.  I intend to vote for you below NOTA because of
> this reason, not because I don't think exploring the Debian Foundation idea
> is worth the time.
> > Thank you both. I appreciate the feedback and understand that you will
> > vote for
> > what you believe is best for the project. I am largely running to start
> > setting
> > up Debian Foundations as a DPL. If you can support that, please vote for
> > me. If
> > you don't want me to work on establishing these Foundations, or don't want
> > me
> > to be DPL, rank others above me. I'll totally understand. DPL elections are
> > what they are.
> >
> How can we tell you that we do want to explore the Foundation idea, but we
> don't want to have a DPL that's not taking care of the rest of the DPL
> responsibilities? I want a DPL that sets a vision for the project, that
> helps developers find a common cause for collaborating and moving the
> project ahead. It doesn't seem that this is your goal and so I don't feel
> comfortable voting for you above NOTA.
> -- 
> Besos,
> Marga


My vision is that Debian needs a functional legal and procedural framework that
goes beyond issue-by-issue sorting out things with SPI or external support.

From my viewpoint working on Treasurer and Trademark teams, giving the DPL
access to a part-time admin, and the flexibility to engage paid legal and
financial help would be the most valuable thing I can provide to the project,
and I'd be in a much better position to do this as DPL.

This does not differ from historical platforms, where other DPL candidates made
detailed promises as part of their platforms. Unfortunately, when elected, they
often fail to achieve their stated goals, as they end up getting bogged down in
the day to day administrative tasks required of being DPL. This is a problem I
am aiming to fix, by creating these foundations.  This will give future DPLs
more freedom to work on the things they put in their platforms.

Part of your concern seems to rest in the fact that I didn't detail out the
standard tasks that are expected of a DPL as things I would do. Of course,
anyone running for DPL would be expected to do these tasks. I never said I
won't do them. I just said that I have a specific goal beyond the day-to-day
business and that is moving toward setting up Debian Foundations.

To be explicit, as DPL, I will perform the following duties that would be
expected of any DPL.

- Generating and publishing monthly reports. Bits from the DPL has become an
  essential source of news for Project Members, and I am excited to continue
  this tradition.
- Review and authorize delegations
- I plan to immediately reach out to all delegated teams to schedule
  availability during the following year. So if teams need extra DPL attention
  at certain times, I'll have reserved it for those teams.
- Make decisions regarding property held in trust for Debian (mostly reviewing
  and approving expenses and budgets in a timely fashion)
- Supporting the TC in appointing new members
- Add or remove organizations from the list of trusted organizations. At this
  time I have no pressing actions on this front, other than work to create the
  new Foundations.
- Solicit advice both privately and, publicly
- Be available to all Developers who need help

In addition, I commit to the following course of action regarding the

- Recruit a team of at least three additional DDs to work on the Foundation(s)
  project with me (open to all comers)
- Work with the team, to do the heavy lifting and research required to have a
  deep discussion with the Project about our next steps
- I will seek consensus on debian-project regarding the Foundation(s) details,
  with a goal of building a consensus around creating US and EU Foundations,
  enabling us to directly engage paid Financial, Legal and administrative
  services, and staff.
- I will seek a GR and build consensus for any Constitutional changes legally
  required to implement the Foundations
- I will consult with DDs regarding hiring any staff (and other large

In addition, I have the following non-Foundation related goals and plans.:

- I will (re)create dpl-helpers and invite Project Members, and other DPL
  candidates (past and present) to join. I plan to reinstitute the regular
  DPL-team meetings on a bi-weekly basis. These meetings will be on IRC and
  open for all.
- I will work with DAM and Webmasters to separate uploading rights from the
  path to becoming a DD. Uploading DD is currently handled as the default path,
  which discourages potential applicants from pursuing Debian Developer status
  before they are ready to go through the T&S checks
- I will make sure all delegations are compliant w/ the Constitution (we have
  at least a couple that are non-compliant)
- While recognizing that many people aren't ready for change, I will encourage
  experimentation in communication technology e.g. - Discourse, and telepresence
- I will attend every DebConf during my term (barring travel restrictions).
  DebConf is important and it's important that the DPL attends
- I will run again if things are going well and people are happy with my
  performance. I say this because any former DPL will confirm that it takes
  time to learn to be a DPL. Allowing the project to leverage that experience
  via a second term only makes sense.


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