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Question to Jonathan: how do you intend to prioritise?

Dear Jonathan,

It is good that you have shared with us all, in your platform, your
broad vision for what it is most important for the project to address.
No-one could reasonably expect you to complete everything there in a
single term, but it helps us choose how to vote if we have a more
complete idea of where you think the project stands.

I would also like to know, however, what you seek to prioritise -- which
parts of your platform are a matter of you sharing with us your long
term vision, and which parts do you actively plan to accomplish in the
next twelve months?

Right now, the most concrete part of your platform is pushing forward
changing our nomenclature for project members.  So when I reached the
end of your platform, it seemed to me that this was the only thing in it
I could be sure you intend to pursue, if elected, over the next year.
And surely this was not the impression you intended the platform to have
on your readers :)

Please help me get a more concrete idea of what sort of project-level
changes I could expect you to attempt if you were elected.  Thanks!

Sean Whitton

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