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Re: Please wait a bit longer before calling for a vote


Am 29.11.19 um 14:46 schrieb Sam Hartman:
>>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Richter <sjr@debian.org> writes:
>     Simon> While I generally agree with Sam here that it is rather
>     Simon> disingenious to add a new option right at the end of the
>     Simon> discussion period, I think that having something proposed by
>     Simon> the systemd maintainers on the ballot will be worthwhile
>     Simon> because they have one of the best vantage points to see
>     Simon> future points of contention and whether the GR is likely to
>     Simon> guide us through them.
> Martin Pit  has publically stated he's one of the people I reached out
> to in developing my proposals.
> As I understand, he's been active in maintaining systemd both in Ubuntu and Debain.

I was and am very grateful for Martin stepping in to engange in those
discussions, even if he is not that active anymore in Debian/systemd
since he moved to RedHat.
When the initial options for the ballot were proposed, I contacted
Martin privately, that I was not happy with the existing options (I
think that was roughly two weeks ago).
I did not follow debian-vote, because I find those Debian politics very
emotionally draining. I was hoping given my feedback, that Martin would
engage in further discussions to refine the proposals.
This apparently did not happen and was probably too naive from me.
During this week I was contacted via IRC by people who were concerned
about the state of the existing options, as they didn't feel represented
While I was trying to get a text together during the week, I failed to
do so, for which I apologize. So I asked Ansgar, if we could ask you,
Sam, for one week delay.
The reason being, that I did *not* want to propose an option the last
minute. I completely agree with Simon here, this didn't feel right.


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