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Proposal: Focus on systemd

I'd like submit the following proposal:

Proposal: Focus on systemd to promote standardization and cross-distribution cooperation

This resolution is a position statement under section 4.1 (5) of the
Debian constitution:

Cross-distribution standards and cooperation are important factors in
the choice of core Debian technologies.  It is important to recognize
that the Linux ecosystem has widely adopted systemd and that the level
of integration of systemd technologies in Linux systems will increase
with time.

Debian is proud to support and integrate many different technologies.
With everything we do, the costs and benefits need to be considered,
both for users and in terms of the effects on our development community.
An init system is not an isolated component, but is deeply integrated in
the core layer of the system and affects many packages.  We believe that
the benefits of supporting multiple init systems do not outweigh the

Debian can continue to provide and explore other init systems, but
systemd is the only officially supported init system.  Wishlist bug
reports with patches can be submitted, which package maintainers should
review like other bug reports with patches.  As with systemd, work
should be done upstream and in cooperation with other Linux and FOSS
distributions where possible.  The priority is on standardization
without the reliance on complicated compatibility layers.

Integrating systemd more deeply into Debian will lead to a more
integrated and tested system, improve standardization of Linux systems,
and bring many new technologies to our users.  Packages can rely upon,
and are encouraged to make full use of, functionality provided by
systemd.  Solutions based on systemd technologies will allow for more
cross-distribution cooperation.  The project will work on proposals and
coordinate transitions from Debian-specific solutions where appropriate.


Thanks to Enrico Zini, Michael Biebl and others for help with
drafting this proposal.

Martin Michlmayr

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