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Re: Proposal: Init Diversity


Dmitry Bogatov wrote:
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> Being able to run Debian systems with init systems other than
> systemd continues to be value for the project. Package MUST work
> with pid1 != systemd, unless it was designed by upstream to work
> exclusively with systemd and no support for running without
> systemd is available.
> Software is not to be considered to be designed by upstream to
> work exclusively with systemd, merely because upstream do not
> provide, and/or will not accept, an init script.
> iQIzBAEBCAAdFiEEhnHVzDbtdH7ktKj4SBLY3qgmEeYFAl3V0u8ACgkQSBLY3qgm
> EeaOyA/8Cda8C+28KkOyby51V6vdThxuoK15qM/T6kBDwpvSHXxirlfeAXX+kBO9
> u6ktSDgbtzWzwTdbFWET+dc7LLhERMiJlTRUx8zfUmT0U9pFtxveF/xUsQscXyDK
> wKOJh4jC+9Dl9HhK2B0C8JIhRSFhZq4iB9OaSUXeaBepZCyjk8X/M890Zone4P0Q
> Dfs8vpEPn06QdknUWjYaIWd/5TLrny5GP26e8p7MdGkEf5DGAvsOQmUZn5mni/g2
> Y2KRmZWL1+UnGpkTjCYXyQOS2+X3hmoUO/yMfcKDTdEebV5Q80Z2JTC1vQChGQ5k
> aOQaB4H88EqzZ5QWECrw/309TSqmzSKBExwoFHsVZ12F9kOE0TxWIJT52NwtwJzh
> fM9AJCXVcKX0Y9Pt6O2QmzbxhWbmL0hp9dnYL0o6n2/4hu04+PiMTNCOMeZrxBVN
> gQgpC6hBoQPQoMHrmYITSqA7jrPCWzaPaMFSfk1aITwYtdSKnjE70P5z0i0MZL31
> JMLAabUpAajU6jLxGA52svaSBYm67I4kka10MWuyrOoPqMSxRipF+ir1U8H0M/80
> 9wRjXiraw5j2/VrqBK2W/n43DvlZB0y3/XCgtXvkyhG+fE65NOaH/UKrn6covcZW
> DB3NY8zifq2GzYlGDU5ZC5FLm2JfWzkWqmtz/CHUXWQqzA3F1Ro=
> =p2r/

I second this proposal (and all future variants that contain nothing
but grammar/wording changes, i.e. without changes of the meaning).

I'm really happy that Buster ships with 5 or 6 different init systems
(I'm using three of them) and we should continue that road.

		Regards, Axel
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