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Re: Draft text on Init Systems GR

[2019-11-15 11:52] Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk>
> Dmitry, I suggest instead, this change to your original text:

	Being able to run Debian systems with init systems other than
	systemd continues to be value for the project. Package not
	working with pid1 != systemd is RC bug, unless it was designed
	by upstream to work exclusively with systemd and no support for
	running without systemd is available.

> That means that if upstream drop the init script, or say they do not
> care about non-systemd, we in Debian will still ship the init script
> (and apply needed patches if they exist).
> What do you think ?

Yes, I agree with your proposed change.  We need four more votes for
this wording appear on ballot, I guess.
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