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Re: Proposal: General Resolution on Init Systems and systemd Facilities

>>>>> "Russ" == Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

    >> Sam Hartman writes:

    >>> It's my intent today or tomorrow to accept the amendment and to
    >>> update the discussion period to continue to expire on November
    >>> 30.

    Russ> Sam said that he'd be willing to delay if needed if an
    Russ> additional proposal received enough seconds to be on the
    Russ> ballot.

    Russ> I think it's important that we hold this vote sufficiently
    Russ> clear of the winter holidays that we don't run into trouble
    Russ> with low participation.  To me, that implies that the absolute
    Russ> latest we should start this vote is on December 8th.

    Russ> How about this compromise:

    Russ> * Sam sets the conclusion of the discussion period to November
    Russ> 30th for the current ballot, which would probably result in a
    Russ> vote starting on December 1st (giving the Secretary some time
    Russ> to set up the vote).  I think the current ballot options are
    Russ> fairly stable.

    Russ> * If any new proposal receives enough seconds to gain a slot
    Russ> on the ballot by November 27th, Sam agrees that he will reset
    Russ> the discussion period to end on somewhere between December 4th
    Russ> and 7th.  (I personally would just lock down the 7th for that
    Russ> contingency, but leaving this open in case there's some reason
    Russ> I'm missing to end a bit earlier.)  That will provide at least
    Russ> an additional week to hammer out any remaining wording
    Russ> problems with that option.

In general, I think you've approximately restated what I already said.
I'm not going to commit to a specific "compromise," because I think
there are some corner cases.  As an example, if Dmitry's proposal got
five seconds tomorrow, I think we might still be in shape for a November
30 end of discussion.
I'd make that call sometime next week.
But in general, what you're talking about is very well aligned with my

If on the other hand, Dmitry's proposal got enough seconds (or people
saying they planned to second the next version once it came out) next
week, delaying sometime between the 4th and 7th would seem to be more of
a requirement.


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