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Re: Proposal: General Resolution on Init Systems and systemd Facilities

Sam Hartman writes ("Proposal: General Resolution on Init Systems and systemd Facilities"):
> Timeline: I think that two weeks for discussion of this GR seems about
> right based on what's happened in the last week.  The constitution
> allows the DPL to change the discussion period by up to a week.  The
> discussion period is normally reset by the proposer accepting any
> amendment or making a modification to the proposal.  If an amendment is
> accepted, I am likely to use that power such that the discussion period
> is the longer of two weeks from when the secretary sends mail to
> debian-devel-announce, or seven days past the time of the last amendment
> being accepted.  In other words, if I accept an amendment in the next
> week, I'm likely to keep the total discussion period at two weeks.

For the avoidance of doubt, can you please clarify whether "the last
amendment being accepted" includes amendments accepted by me, or by
Dmitry, and whether that depends on whether the option in question has
enough sponsors ?  (You write "the last amendment being accepted" but
also "I accept an amendment".)

You can assume in your answer that no-one is engaging in a process of
deliberate delay by endless amendments.  If that happens you can tell
us you think it is happening and set a new deadline.

> That said, if it looks like we need more time, I can always lengthen the
> discussion period.

I would note that as the proposer of an option with enough seconds, I
can also call for a vote when the minimum discussion period has
elapsed.  You can increase the minimum discussion period, but only to
3 weeks.  IMO it would be quite appropriate for you to do that
immediately.  After 3 weeks you would not be able to stop me calling
for a vote.  I mention this for completeness, since it is entirely
hypothetical.  I can't imagine me wanting to truncate the discussion
in such a way.  I am happy to give the following commitment:

In any case I will not call for a vote without giving at least 4 days'
(96 hours') notice of my intent to do so.

Would you be willing to make a similar commitment ?

I am concerned in particular that Dmitry's slow email arrangements
mean that the process of developing his proposal, and getting seconds
for it, will be drawn out.  This may make the process slower than
ideal but I think it is more important to get it right than to get it
done quickly.


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