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Re: Proposal: Init Diversity

[2019-11-17 19:56] Kyle Robbertze <kyle@paddatrapper.com>
> > Here I formally propose following option, withdrawing any previous
> > versions.
> >
> > 	Being able to run Debian systems with init systems other than
> > 	systemd continues to be value for the project. Package MUST work
> > 	with pid1 != systemd, unless it was designed by upstream to work
> > 	exclusively with systemd and no support for running without
> > 	systemd is available.
> > 
> > 	Software that uses systemd features non-conditionally should be
> > 	considered as designed to work exclusively with systemd, but
> > 	software that does just do not provide init.d should not.  In
> I am failing to parse this line. Are you saying that software that
> provides a systemd unit file, but no init.d script, and does not use any
> systemd features unconditionally should be considered as not having
> exclusive systemd support?


Example of such situation is laminar[^1] Upstream provides systemd unit
file and no init.d script.

The software itself is totally init-agnostic: it is configured by
several environment variables and listens on two sockets.  This software
is /not/ to be considered "designed for systemd only".

 [^1]: https://salsa.debian.org/debian/laminar
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