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Re: GR proposal: code of conduct

Conduct is about behaviour and social interaction. A CoC is about the 
emotional contents and effects of the message not about how it was delivered 
or how many bytes there were between newline characters.

To me the strength of the CoC draft we are looking at here is that it 
doesn't concern itself with trivialities or with specific media. It talks 
about conduct -- that is behaviour, deportment, how we want people interact 
as human beings -- be respectful, be collaborative, assume good faith, be 
concise, be open. These are all about social interactions and not technical 
details on character limits, attachment sizes or whether people get CCs on 
messages. None of these technical things are conduct, they are, if you like, 
protocol. The CoC could happily refer to medium-specific guidelines for such 
minutiae if they are necessary.

Let's not spend the next decade working to flesh out a 200pp document full 
of subsections for each different communications protocol we might use. Such 
a document becomes useless to everyone.

Let's not overcomplicate this with rules-lawyering. 

(who is pleased he refrained from adding a car analogy in here)

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