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Re: to DPL candidates: getting new people to Debian

On 2013-03-16 17:47, Gergely Nagy wrote:
...and this highlights another issue I have with our infrastructure:
wnpp can be quite an intimidating mess, with over a thousand packages in
ITP and RFP state. That's a lot. I get scared just by looking at the
number, and I'd like to think I'm not the only one.

Yes. I think the RFP list is one area that could do with volunteer curators. If a few interesting/important/easy packages were highlighted, we could avoid as many people spending hours looking through the list, then giving up without finding anything, or giving up due to inability to decide.

Though, as a related matter, I would like people who have an ITP bug, or who look seriously at at RFP requests, to post more updates and comments to the bug reports -- even when the comment is about a lack of progress. For example, if you look at an RFP bug then decide it's uninteresting/worthless/difficult, or have a doubt about the licensing status, please send a short message to the BTS to help save time later for others who look through the list.


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