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Re: [all candidates] Debian as an FSF Free Software Distribution

Paul Tagliamonte <paultag@debian.org> writes:

> What work will you be doing to continue Zach's efforts to negotiate with
> the FSF over Debian's status as a Free Software Distribution?

I do not plan to be on the front line, but it is an important effort
that must be continued. If elected, I'll make sure that the appropriate
people are empowered to continue the effort, and I will be available for
mediation, support and any other task that may arise.

I will not, however, wish to become a driving force, because there are
others who do that much better in this case than I would, and I'm more
than happy to let people do what they're passionate about.

> Will you treat this issue as a priority? Can we expect continued open
> dialogue with the FSF on this issue? Would you be willing to help find
> the right concessions on both sides to collaborate?

Yes, yes and yes.

> What is your opinion on this matter?

While getting debian recognised by the FSF as a Free Software
Distribution would be useful for both parties in my opinion, I see
little hope for that to happen, because while we generally agree in
principle, and our goals align quite well, there are subtle differences.

That, however, is not a bad thing. I do not wish neither the FSF, nor
Debian to compromise in either of our ideals, for that would be

It would still be useful to agree on what exactly we're disagreeing on,
and why, and treat those disagreements respectfully and
openly. Recognising that our goals align, and the differences are really
just in the details would already be a great step forward.


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