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Re: Usage of Debian's Money

On 2013-03-15 02:39, Toni Mueller wrote:
My personal favourite would be more, and likely more geographically
diverse, Mini-Debconfs ("Bar Camp" style?). I found the one in Berlin
very inspiring, and I was so far, unfortunately, unable to make it to
a real DebConf.

Yes. While I think it is valuable to have a "main" conference to allow maximum interchange between people from different regions, we should also encourage more regional events. Events which last a day or two do not take a lot of organiser time. (Somehow the organiser time required seems to grow exponentially with the scale of the event.)

Not everyone can justify the travel time or cost of attending a distant event. I think this is especially relevant for encouraging new contributors, or people who are just thinking about starting to contribute to Debian. Only the most enthusiastic will consider attending a DebConf far away from them; many more would attend a shorter local event.


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