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Re: [all candidates] DPL salary

Hi Russ,

while I do agree with the rest of your post, there's one part which I'm not 
sure to understand correctly:

Le mercredi, 13 mars 2013 18.03:36, Russ Allbery a écrit :
> For example, I live in the SF Bay Area.  Fair market compensation here for
> the sort of senior IT person that we would elect DPL is *at least*
> $100,000 US per year, and at $100,000, people would generally be taking a
> substantial pay cut because they believed in the organization.

"the sort of senior IT person that we would elect DPL" is the part that 
puzzles me: with both the extension of the DD status and the diversity 
statement, we made it clear that we welcome all sorts of contributions from 
all sorts of contributors: I, for one, would be very happy to elect a DPL who 
is not necessarily that "senior IT person". I'm not hereby saying that "senior 
IT persons" become bad DPLs or that other professions have lower "costs" than 
the above figures, just that I think it's very important to keep the 
"potential DPL"s set wide enough.



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