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[all candidates] DPL salary

On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 01:31:08PM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> For example, I would question whether one could do the role of DPL with a
> conventional full-time job in IT, at least if you want to keep any other
> hobbies outside of those two jobs.  The amount of media and expected
> travel to represent Debian is rather intimidating (particularly to an
> introvert), as are the number of things that are relatively
> time-sensitive and require a lot of effort.

Thanks for providing the background for a question I wanted to ask!

I totally agree with you and I'm worried about that. I've been lucky in
having the flexibility needed to be DPL and I wish the same flexibility
to the next DPL. But, in terms of Debian sustainability, I'm worried
that we de facto rely on people having that kind of flexibility to be
good DPLs. I believe we are losing, via preemptive self-selection, many
good candidates (from IT or other fields) for precisely that reason.

The ground shaking question to all candidates is then: what do you think
of providing a DPL salary using Debian funds?  I know it is a touchy
topic, and I propose it on purpose :-P


Some further thoughts to foster the discussion:

- obviously, this is not something that a DPL could propose for
  him/herself, due to conflict of interest. If it has to happen, it
  should be as a project initiative, to be applied starting to the next
  term, opt-out, etc.

- some of the "dunc-tank objections" do not apply to this case, because
  the DPL is the sole elected role in the project. As such it is already
  "different" from other volunteers, the difference will not be created
  by the salary, only acknowledged to make the job sustainable and more
  appealing. It is also a role that de facto demands to take significant
  time off your day to day job (on that front, however, it is not the
  only one --- DSA and security come to mind due to the need of handling
  emergencies, and there are others)

- several other, volunteer driven, independent organizations are paying
  their "leaders" using donated money since quite a while: both GNOME
  and the FSF pay their executive directors, and there are other

- invariably, the salaries paid in those settings are significantly
  lower than IT market salaries; but they still allow to be in that role
  full-time, although surely not for greed when compared to alternatives

- deciding to pay the DPL is likely a one-way step, from which it will
  be hard to get back (there are studies showing that in volunteer
  communities the motivation for doing something for free will be
  irremediably lost once you offer remuneration)

- we do have money, but paying a salary on a yearly basis is something
  that could make a significant dent in our reserves and, more
  importantly, in our fund-raising efforts to make it sustainable

- paying DPL in different parts of the world over time will be tricky
  and might be very hard to do (properly) in specific countries due to
  embargoes and the like


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